All the work related to project activities is performed by the design and survey department.
The department performs work in the following areas:

  • Electricity grids and systems (facilities of the Federal Grid Company, IDGC, Moscow United Electric Grid Company Moscow United Energy Company, wholesale generating companies, heat generating companies);
  • Power distribution diagrams for electricity-generating power stations;
  • External supplies of electricity for industrial enterprises (plants and concerns in the metallurgical, chemicals, gas and oil refinery industries);
  • External supplies of electricity for oil and gas fields and deposits;
  • Supply of electricity for small cities, villages and settlements.

The department has extensive resources and offers
clients a wide range of services.


  • Development of diagrams for the supply of electricity to industrial electricity consumers;
  • Integrated design of power supply networks, including the reconstruction and retrofitting of substations and power transmission lines up to 220 kV inclusive;
  • Design of the systems of operational dispatch management in electricity grids, telematics and telecommunications;
  • Design of relay protection and automatics systems in electricity grids;
  • Development and analysis of power distribution diagrams of electricity-generating power stations in electricity grids;
  • Calculations through specialised software systems of fault currents, power exchanges, static and dynamic stability of power systems, losses of electricity capacity in electricity grids;
  • Design of the electricity part of power stations, including the design of substations for the distribution of electricity in the power system;
  • Design of facilities in the power sector, using 3D computer-aided design services.
In addition, we use our own resources to resolve all issues relating to the approval of implemented projects with the state and inspection authorities based on the clients power of attorney.We also help clients obtain specifications from power supply organisations on connection to electricity grids. .
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