Our own divisions perform all planning and surveying, construction and assembly, start-up and adjustment work.
Energon has to date accumulated unique experience of designing and building facilities for the power sector. We have implemented projects throughout Russia and abroad.

Personnel development is a key priority, as we are convinced that the cohesive and professional work of the project team and key competencies in the area of project management are underlying factors for the efficiency of a power construction company.


Our portfolio includes a full set of engineering services.

Our competencies and skilled personnel enable us to provide audit and consulting services and perform design and survey work at a high professional level.

Leveraging many years of cooperation with Russian and foreign producers, we provide facilities in the power sector with an extensive range of electric and industrial equipment.
Our specialists perform construction, installation and wiring work and also service equipment. They upgrade their qualifications on a regular basis at the certified centres of our partners - equipment manufacturers - and have a comprehensive understanding of the technologies showcased by the leading foreign companies.

We provide power maintenance services for facilities, thereby enabling our clients to cut their costs on personnel and specialist equipment.

Offering a full service package starting from design and construction on a turnkey basis to installation and supervision services and the subsequent maintenance of the mounted equipment we provide an additional quality guarantee.

We perceive consulting to be a fully-fledged assignment covering electricity generation, transmission and effective distribution.

We advise enterprises in the area of power supplies at the time of the development and implementation of measures and programmes proposed by specialists of the companys power management system.

The design work is performed by the department of design and survey work. Divisions of the department are located in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Izhevsk. Use of state-of-the-art software solutions, coupled with the qualifications and professional level of our designers, makes it possible to implement projects of varying levels of complexity.

The department performs work in the following areas:

  • Electricity grids and systems (facilities of the Federal Grid Company, IDGC, Moscow United Electric Grid Company Moscow United Energy Company, wholesale generating companies, heat generating companies);
  • Power distribution diagrams for electricity-generating power stations;
  • External supplies of electricity for industrial enterprises (plants and concerns in the metallurgical, chemicals, gas and oil refinery industries);
  • External supplies of electricity for oil and gas fields and deposits;
  • Supply of electricity to small cities and villages (settlements).

Energon has many years of experience of cooperating with Russian and Western equipment manufacturers, guarantees the professional selection of equipment and materials and promptly supplies them to the facility.

The company's specialists upgrade their qualifications on a regular basis at the certified training centres of partners - manufacturers of equipment - and have a comprehensive understanding of the technologies showcased by leading foreign companies.

Leveraging the resources of the department for construction and assembly work, we provide a full set of construction and assembly, start-up and adjustment work on a turnkey basis at facilities in the power sector:

  • overhead power lines;
  • cable power lines;
  • substation equipment;
  • general construction work;
  • installation and wiring work;
  • start-up and adjustment work;
  • installation and supervision work;
  • set of work at DC substation systems.

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